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[22.12.04] Berlin: first-time shots
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: Medieval fortress
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: burial places
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: above views
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: the town
  [01.11.04] Bran: Dracula's castle
[01.11.04] Bran: the village
[01.11.04] Brasov: a beautiful city
[24.10.04] Bucharest: evening fountains
[24.10.04] Iasi: weekend shots
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Random photos
Kharkov: hospital 19, clinical laboratory :: Children hospital N19, Kharkov. Clinical laboratory. My grandma spent almost 30 years working here, just until she retired in the age of 76. In the childhood they often used to bring me here. I played around with retorts, test-tubes and looked at the pool water through the professional microscopes. Nothing changes till then. There is no new equipment and everything is done the same old way, just like before.
Kiev: capital in July :: Picture #14
Poltava: city and a village near it :: Glasses.

On arrival we saw a small railway-station with quite a provincial touch.Tarnava Mare river flowing through the whole on-valley part of the town.On the second day the weather got worse. That is how the castle on the hill looked like. You can also see top of a church.Buildings on the hill.
Local Romanian Orthodox Cathedral.The clock-tower, view from the on-valley part.Backstreet.Political-ad tent "DA" in front of the "Steaua" (the star) hotel.
A boy with angry face pissing on a pig.Church.Tarnava Mare embankment.Streets of the town and a castle on the hill.
Lion.Side street.Restaurant named "Perla" (pearl) and a very inspired sign.Beginning of the way climbing up to the castle.
Passageway.A building belonging to the railway-station being renewed. Bottles in the window.A very real old steam locomotive.Steam locomotive on the pedestal next to the station.
An old locomotive.
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