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[29.12.04] Berlin: 21C3
[22.12.04] Berlin: first-time shots
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: Medieval fortress
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: burial places
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: above views
  [08.11.04] Sighisoara: the town
[01.11.04] Bran: Dracula's castle
[01.11.04] Bran: the village
[01.11.04] Brasov: a beautiful city
[24.10.04] Bucharest: evening fountains
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Random photos
Thailand: Bangkok, the Grand Palace :: Picture #18
New York City: Manhattan, Central park and people :: Picture #22
Crimea: the city of Sevastopol :: At pizza "Chelentano".

View on the on-valley part from the old city wall.Valley part of the town and some hills.View from the city wall.View from the balcony of the clock-tower.
The castle and buildings on its territory. View from the tower.Territory of the old city.Roofs and streets of the fortress.Here is an above-look of the main square and the gates leading to the square.
Top of the Roman-Catholic church building.On the balcony there are plates on which distances towards different major cities are written. Distance to Kiev.Pointer to Moscow and a hald of a girl who was born there.One more view from the tower.
A piece of the church roof.Road leading to the main entrance of the fortress.Roofs.
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