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[30.01.05] Berlin: Gruene Woche, a week later
[24.01.05] Berlin: Gruene Woche exposition
[09.01.05] Potsdam: Wansee and Sanssouci
[09.01.05] Berlin: 2005 celebration
[29.12.04] Berlin: 21C3
  [22.12.04] Berlin: first-time shots
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: Medieval fortress
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: burial places
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: above views
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: the town
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Random photos
Bucharest: the Youth's (Tineretului) park :: A bench.
Dominican Republic: island nature :: Picture #21
Egypt: City of the Dead, Nile :: Nile and the Valley of the Dead on the background.

The building in which the 21C3 hackers congress took place. The event is organized every 4 years and gathers a bunch of computer-related youth from all over Germany as well as from other countries. During 3 days there are lectures, workshops and such. As to myself, I was mostly bored, hanging around with a bottle of beer.The first day of the congress: tail at the entrance. The people are offered gluehwein (boiled wine) for free not to get cold.Tail.The tail continues around the corner, too.
Tail.Taaail...And? Right, the tail.People waiting to enter.
Tail.There was quite a lot of people, really.This is NOC: Network Operation Center. The guys here are watching the network, fixing problems and such. There is a network in the building to which everyone can connect their notebook and get online.Hall. Robots playing football.
Robots.The main lecturing room. Topic is hacking using Google. Not very original, but still interesting approach, when you use the search engine to find pages with include errors in scripts and then try to exploit them.A guy in Official Redhat Mirror t-shirt.On his back there is an ad for his pipe.
Konst and a user of centericq called Carmen. Surprizingly, there are some very pretty users of the proggy :)Konst and a girl from Bavaria named Anni with big hooters. She maitains a computer games stie or something like that. At the right there is a colleague of mine, an American whose name is Kurt.Danish people in the basement full of notebooks.
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OpenBSD guys' corner.
Closing of the congress. A waving cat on the monitor.
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