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[08.02.05] Warsaw: gawking around
[30.01.05] Berlin: Gruene Woche, a week later
[24.01.05] Berlin: Gruene Woche exposition
[09.01.05] Potsdam: Wansee and Sanssouci
[09.01.05] Berlin: 2005 celebration
  [29.12.04] Berlin: 21C3
[22.12.04] Berlin: first-time shots
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: Medieval fortress
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: burial places
[08.11.04] Sighisoara: above views
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Random photos
Paris: "Napoleon" hotel :: Picture #21
Berlin: Adaptacia Kazakh rock live in Stella :: Picture #7
Carpathians: highlands :: In the center of this picture there is Peles, the regal castle. It's seen quite well even from such a height.

A good buddy Oleg Rokhlin, who came especially for the New year party from New-York city. Here he is trying to punch an American dollar in Berlin subway.A cheerful hostess of the home where our New Year party took place. Lucy meeting the guests on this one.Vlad Bakaev in an awesome Danish hat.Andriy showing the real face of the Satanism.
Sparklers in the very midnight CET.Fire!An ascetic celebration.The whole evening starting at about 5pm Berlin sounded like Baghdad with the American troops on the offensive. Everywhere one could heard explosions of petards and fireworks. Impassioned Turkish boys on my steet fired flare pistols screaming out "scheisse". On the picture you can see how the street looked like when the cannonade was over.
Remains of thousand petards.The central street of Berlin, unter den Linden, at about 5am. Empty bottles are all around. Even the statue looked drunk with that empty bottle.Luminated trees and the road. Unter den Linden.Oleg as a New Year barman: What would you like to drink, Sir?
Me and Wolfram Schlich from Despite that we know each other since 4 years, only a couple of weeks we met each other in the real life. Wolfram stayed in my place while attending the CCC congress.
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Konst trying to tear off a ball from a Christmas-tree at Sony Center.Our guests from Danemark, Tanya and Alexey, are scared by the speed in Berlin subway.Feeding the deer.
Beer.WC in one of the local restaurants. Oleg took picture of an inscription left by some of our compatriots. "HUI" means "dick" in Russian.
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Learning how to drink "Absinth" properly.Misterious Vlad at a sushi-bar.
Atmost Hairy Christmas :)Shadow of the rider. Unter den Linden.Santa Claus on Kurfurstendamm.Brandenburg gate.
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