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[31.03.05] Amsterdam: Dam, the central square
[31.03.05] Amsterdam: walking the streets
[30.03.05] Cologne aka Koeln
[21.03.05] Berlin: Saturday, the 19th
[14.03.05] Berlin: Ruslana's concert
  [22.02.05] Berlin: downtown walk
[08.02.05] Warsaw: historical centre
[08.02.05] Warsaw: gawking around
[30.01.05] Berlin: Gruene Woche, a week later
[24.01.05] Berlin: Gruene Woche exposition
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Random photos
Kiev: Mezhigorye, former president's estate :: Picture #10
Kiev: Dnepr embankment :: An example of how personal names are implicitely translated into Ukrainian. Which is wrong.
Rome: people :: Picture #15

Presentors announce the concert in Russian and German. In the latter they also mentioned "ukrainische speck". Since I don't understand everything yet, probably that's the way they described the singer herself :)Wild dances.From the very first mouth opening it's clear that a phonogram is used.On the other hand, the is some choreography :)
Picture #5
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Picture #12
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