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[09.05.05] Berlin: Liberation day
[18.04.05] Potsdam: spring in Sanssouci
[17.04.05] Berlin: boating the Spree river
[17.04.05] Berlin: monuments and boots
[04.04.05] Berlin: latecoming spring
  [01.04.05] The Hague: Madurodam
[01.04.05] The Hague: North sea
[01.04.05] Amsterdam: canals and the bay
[31.03.05] Amsterdam: Dam, the central square
[31.03.05] Amsterdam: walking the streets
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Random photos
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Galati: city views :: Galati state university.

Humboldthain: one of the first flowers. There is a place with roses nearby, but they are not yet in bloom. They say the roses are wonderful in the summer.Blue flowers.Some more.Orange.
Vinous.View on the Nord-West part of Berlin from Flakturm, a hill in the Humboldthain park.S-Bahn station "Gesundbrunnen".Hippies with Berlin panorama on the background.
A guy with an audio player enjoying the sun.Monumen on the Flakturm.There is a Cola can on the top of the monument. I wonder who put it there.Humboldt-graffiti.
Hippy-bicycle.Sunset on Spree.The TV tower in the sunset.The TV tiver. There is an ICE train going along the bridge.
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