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[17.05.05] Berlin: Karneval der Kulturen
[16.05.05] Leipzig: wave-gotik-treffen stage
[16.05.05] Leipzig: wave-gotik-treffen people
[16.05.05] Leipzig: the city
[09.05.05] Berlin: the Reichstag building
  [09.05.05] Berlin: Liberation day
[18.04.05] Potsdam: spring in Sanssouci
[17.04.05] Berlin: boating the Spree river
[17.04.05] Berlin: monuments and boots
[04.04.05] Berlin: latecoming spring
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Random photos
Austria: Zillertal arena skiing area :: Picture #6
Sighisoara: burial places :: German soldiers burial from the times of World War I.
Paris: "Napoleon" hotel :: Picture #8

Picture #1Reichtag's reflection in the glass of the new government complex.Picture #3
rating: almost excellent [3]
Road near the Reichstag.
Monument for the politically represed people in front of Reichstag. On the edges of each plate there is a name and the time period when a person lived.Tail at the entrance to the Reichstag.Metal detector.Dome on the top.
Picture #9Picture #10Picture #11Picture #12
Picture #13Picture #14Picture #15View from the roof of the Reichstag onto Alexanderplatz square.
Potsdamer Platz, look from the top of the Reichstag.Inscription left by a Russian soldier.Picture #19Picture #20
Picture #21Picture #22Picture #23Picture #24
Picture #25Picture #26Picture #27Picture #28
The guy with a cross on the top - one of the architectural features of the Reichstag.Picture #30Walking paths inside the dome, leading to the very top.Picture #32
Picture #33Downstairs there is a circle with photos illustrating the history of the building along with the related historical events.Picture #35Picture #36
Picture #37Picture #38Picture #39That's how the tail of visitors on the entrance looks from above.
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