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[31.05.05] Berlin: Eurovision watch party
[30.05.05] Berlin: Wannsee lake
[17.05.05] Berlin: Karneval der Kulturen
[16.05.05] Leipzig: wave-gotik-treffen stage
[16.05.05] Leipzig: wave-gotik-treffen people
  [16.05.05] Leipzig: the city
[09.05.05] Berlin: the Reichstag building
[09.05.05] Berlin: Liberation day
[18.04.05] Potsdam: spring in Sanssouci
[17.04.05] Berlin: boating the Spree river
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Random photos
Kharkov: city's 350 anniversary :: Karazin, the founder of the Kharkov State University. The status was moved, so that now it is placed next to the main entrance.
Barcelona: Montjuic and citadel :: Picture #19
Netherlands: diverse :: Panorama of Delft from a balcony of a very high office building. One can see the famous churches in the old part of the city.

Gothic chick with black wings.
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rating: almost excellent [15]
A gothic guy to the right is trying to understand schedule written in non-gothic font.
rating: almost not bad [6]
Lawn in front of one of the festival's stages in Klara-Zetkin-Park.Gothic pair.
Girl with a very gothic green apple.Russian-speaking girls from Hannover, called Rimma and Vika. The latter one appeared to be originally from Dniepropetrovsk.
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Picture #7
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Picture #8
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Dancing girl on the concert of Die Krupps.
rating: so-so [3]
Another chick.
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Picture #11Enough is enough.
Picture #13
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Cute.Picture #15Gothic company and a tram.
rating: almost excellent [5]
Picture #17Pair.Picture #19
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Picture #20
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Picture #21
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Gothic boobs.
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Mature gothess.
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Picture #24
Picture #25
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Another pair of gothic boobs.
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rating: more than good [8]
Picture #27
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