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[13.06.05] Berlin: Lacrimosa gothic-rock-concert
[31.05.05] Berlin: Eurovision watch party
[30.05.05] Berlin: Wannsee lake
[17.05.05] Berlin: Karneval der Kulturen
[16.05.05] Leipzig: wave-gotik-treffen stage
  [16.05.05] Leipzig: wave-gotik-treffen people
[16.05.05] Leipzig: the city
[09.05.05] Berlin: the Reichstag building
[09.05.05] Berlin: Liberation day
[18.04.05] Potsdam: spring in Sanssouci
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Random photos
Russia: Rostov-on-Don :: Picture #7
Kiev: one-day run for a visa :: A statue. Judging from how it looks like, it's the one of a break-dancer.
Thailand: Nakhon si Thammarat :: Picture #14

Female vocalist of the Tristania band from Norway.Tristania's growler.Guy in the press zone taking pictures.Tristania.
I really like this band a lot. It's Darkwell from Austria. First I heard them about 4 years ago, it was their first album. The girl called Stephanie has a very womanly voice, while the music is quite hard. Besides that, she looks nice in the concert, because she's very active. I was very glad to see them in a concert after all.Darkwell's vocalist Stephanie.Picture #7Picture #8
Picture #9Darkwell's guitarist with a funny beard.Picture #11Picture #12
Darkwell's both guitars.Picture #14Picture #15Nera has a deep voice and very angry manner of singing, which sounds quite nice.
Picture #20Picture #21Flauros, male vocalist of Darzamat.Picture #23
Picture #24Nera shows the last song is done.From here start pictures of Mortiis from Norway. This is their guitarist.Picture #27
I didn't remember any song Mortiis before I came to the concert. However, the name and the face looked familiar, because the main feature of the band is the frontman's look. On the public he usually appeard maked up as a troll or some other dark creature, which made some fans think he is a non-human :)Picture #29Picture #30Really really cool make-up. However, the music is more like Marilyn Manson. Sounds quite similar.
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Picture #32Picture #33Picture #34Picture #35
Picture #36Picture #37This is the legendary Lake of Tears from Sweden. Though they have many fans around the world, must say that in concert they were quite boring.Lake of Tears' guitar.
Picture #40Picture #41Bass of Lake of Tears. The only guy who was trying to behave so that the public likes the show.Picture #43
The most awaited band of the evening - Tiamat from Sweden.Picture #45Picture #46Picture #47
Tiamat's front man with a tatoo on the back of his head.Tiamat's guitar.
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