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[26.06.05] Berlin: Christopher Street Day
[21.06.05] Berlin: week-end shots
[14.06.05] Kiev: street sketches
[14.06.05] Zaporozhye: first visit
[13.06.05] Kharkov: summer begins
  [13.06.05] Berlin: Lacrimosa gothic-rock-concert
[31.05.05] Berlin: Eurovision watch party
[30.05.05] Berlin: Wannsee lake
[17.05.05] Berlin: Karneval der Kulturen
[16.05.05] Leipzig: wave-gotik-treffen stage
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Random photos
Germany: Linz on Rhine :: Statue of a man with glasses in the fountain.
Berlin: Zdob şi Zdub in Maschienenhaus :: Picture #9
Kiev: President vs. Parliament political confrontation :: Picture #32

A big mosquito on the world map that has been on the wall above my desk yet since the first year at school.
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Natalya Vitrenko's "People's opposition", pensioners and a Soviet flagstaff.Opposition tent.Bursatsky spusk (slope).
Thermometer at "Sovietskaya" metro station, the common meeting point.Constitution square.Privatbank and the dome of Uspensky cathedral.The famous "Four carrying a refrigirator to the hock-shop" monument.
My dad's workshop. He is a painter and this is a sketch to his now 3x2 Russian landscape painting.The Mirror stream.Sumskaya street after the rain.Kharkov ladies. Marianna, my class-mate.
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Olga, another class-mate.Lyudmila the sambuka tamer.
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