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[30.08.05] Berlin: War Memorial in Treptower Park
[30.08.05] Berlin: biking around
[30.08.05] Berlin: hippie city, as seen from the bike
[24.08.05] Berlin: random summer stuff
[01.08.05] Berlin: Saturday walk
  [18.07.05] Zaporozhye: bridges and DnieproGES
[18.07.05] Zaporozhye: Dniepr river
[18.07.05] Zaporozhye: spontaneous street shots
[14.07.05] Kiev-Berlin flight: Skysages
[06.07.05] Berlin: stupid live8 (live ate)
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Random photos
Israel: ancient city of Jerusalem :: Picture #10
Florida: Fort De Soto park and Shell key island :: Picture #19
Carpathians: highlands :: A look from Babele down to the mountains.

A free artist, painting something from the Renaissance epoch with a chalk on the asphalt.Artist.Parizer Platz - Paris square next to the Brandenburger Tor.A group of girls with some photo- or video-equipment.
Guide sign and the French embassy behind it.Brandenburger Tor and tourists under it.Picture #7Behind the Gate the West Berlin begins. A long time ago, as the city yet was separated, in the Westen part they installed a statue, expressing a scream, saying "Freiheit" (Freedom).
An old lady with a dog listening to the Freedom scream.Herbie Parade - a festival of Volkswagen's "beetle" ("frog") old car model. More than 1000 participants.Picture #11Picture #12
A wedding version of the beetle. There are metal cans tied to the car, and a fiancee inside, of whom I didn't managed to take a picture.Lady and a beetle.A stylish attachment.Anatomy guide to the VW-beetle.
All the guts can be seen.
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Beetle autopsy.A monument to the Holocaust victims installed recently in Berlin.Passwalks between the stone bricks of various sizes.
Picture #21Picture #22Picture #23View on Potsdamer Platz from the Holocaust victims monument.
Picture #25A couple of couples.
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Having rest on a stone.Picture #28
Picture #29Swing near Potsdamer Platz.Casino on Potsdamer Platz.Ad for African tourism.
Sony Center is always full of tourists and various commercial stuff.Picture #34Dome of Sony Center.Picture #36
Mobile communications: 3rd generation network.
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Lots of beer in Lindenbraeu.
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Looks like it's going to rain.Yours sincerelly.
Picture #41
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