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[05.09.05] Berlin: Lichtenberg park
[30.08.05] Berlin: War Memorial in Treptower Park
[30.08.05] Berlin: biking around
[30.08.05] Berlin: hippie city, as seen from the bike
[24.08.05] Berlin: random summer stuff
  [01.08.05] Berlin: Saturday walk
[18.07.05] Zaporozhye: bridges and DnieproGES
[18.07.05] Zaporozhye: Dniepr river
[18.07.05] Zaporozhye: spontaneous street shots
[14.07.05] Kiev-Berlin flight: Skysages
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Random photos
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Just like I did in Bucharest, here in Berlin I couldn't stand the temptation to take shots with the view from my window. In fact, it can be very different in various weather conditions, illumination and such. Especially that there is an interesting view, including the GDR TV tower on Alexanderplatz.Picture #2Sunset the other day. The tower is now red.Picture #4
An installation outside the city, where we went to play paintball once.Car which used to belong to the new Pope, Benedict XVI, Josef Alois Ratzinger. After all, the car was bought by some casio and now is exposed in different shopping centres. We saw it in Arkaden Allee Postsdamer Platz in Berlin.Some guy inside. The Pope when he was young? :)A woman taking shot of the car with her mobile.
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Passage under the S-Bahn way on Schoenhauser Allee.Under the S-Bahn on Schoenhauser Allee.Hoenow district. The very edge of the Eastern part of Berlin and the last station on this subway branch. Or maybe it's not Berlin anymore, but the beginning of Brandenburg.
Yard.Cell with an ad of some real estate agency. Really cheap accomodation.Also in Hoenow, we were celebrating the Independence Day of Ukraine. Authentic food and a candle.
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