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[05.09.05] Berlin: Humboldthain park
[05.09.05] Berlin: Lichtenberg park
[30.08.05] Berlin: War Memorial in Treptower Park
[30.08.05] Berlin: biking around
[30.08.05] Berlin: hippie city, as seen from the bike
  [24.08.05] Berlin: random summer stuff
[01.08.05] Berlin: Saturday walk
[18.07.05] Zaporozhye: bridges and DnieproGES
[18.07.05] Zaporozhye: Dniepr river
[18.07.05] Zaporozhye: spontaneous street shots
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Brunnenstr, near the Bernauerstr U-Bahn station.Inscription above the ad of the FRICK shop on the wall says: eid bereit, immer bereit gegen die Aggression der USA (Be ready! Always ready, against the agression of the USA)A statue of a sitting man in Volkspark am Weinberg.Volkspark am Weinberg. People from the hippie Prenzlauer Berg district are taking sunbathes.
U-Bahn station Bernauerstr: ad "Be ready for the dark pages of New-York" and the same inscriptin on the white wall, saying "Be ready! Always ready, against the agression of the USA"Bernauserstr: Two under a blue wall.Eastern Berlin is probably the only place in the EU, where the human figures on the semaphores don't match the European standard. Here the old GDR figures are considered a subject of a pride and a sign of difference. That's why they were kept. In the Western districts, just like in the rest of the EU, there are other semaphore hommies.Weinmeisterstrasse.
Fountain on the square near the Friedrichstr station.Spreebogen-park with people having fun. There is the Lehrter Bahnhof under heavy construction in the back.Spreebogen-park and a guy with a bicycle. In the back there are some government buildings and the Reichstag.Sunbathing.
The Spree river.Lawn in front of the Reichstag. Nice weather and a lot of people on the grass.Grass in front of the Reichstag.BBQ parties in specially allocated places in Tierpark.
Intersection of Scheidemannstr and Yitzhak-Rabin-str.Girl stretching herself.A homeless in the center of the Western Berlin, near the Zoologischer Garten station and the famous Kurfuerstendamm street.Ad of the left alliance before the elections. A bit modified by amateur artists.
Chimera on one of the bridges over Spree. In the back there is the railway station being built. The initial plan was to build the biggest railway-station in whole Europe.The Reichstag has a lot of visitors. A long tail of tourists and an overflowed trashcan. In the top there is the inscription saying: "To the German people".Street-show on Pariser Platz, in front of the Brandenburg Gate. The guy is juggling with some transparent plastic balls.
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He also can stand on his head.
Street actor.An old car on a small street, which is parallel to Under den Linden.The inscription says: "The Life-saving thing". In the back there is the Palast der Republik, former residence of the GDR government, where Erich Honecker used to work.Fishermen.
Church on Gerndarmenmarkt.Raven got interested in a shining bell on the bicycle, which stood parked at the Spree river.Raven and a bicycle.
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GDR ruines.
Berliner Dome, view from a distance through a cell.Picture #34Marx and Engels with the Palast der Republik as a background.Marx, Engels and an old man.
Fountain in front of the City Hall.One more fountain on Alexanderplatz.
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