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[29.09.05] Kiev: night shots and panoramas
[29.09.05] Kiev: Pirogovo ethnographical museum
[21.09.05] Jüterbog: karting
[05.09.05] Berlin: Humboldthain park
[05.09.05] Berlin: Lichtenberg park
  [30.08.05] Berlin: War Memorial in Treptower Park
[30.08.05] Berlin: biking around
[30.08.05] Berlin: hippie city, as seen from the bike
[24.08.05] Berlin: random summer stuff
[01.08.05] Berlin: Saturday walk
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Random photos
Kharkov region: Korobov Hutor and Kazachya hill :: Picture #24
DR: Costambar, Encuentro, Caleton and Playa Grande beaches :: Picture #15
Kiev: summer 2010 :: Picture #3

Quite an original fountain, which looks like a shower.Bench and graffiti on the wall of a playground for children.Graffiti, bench and old people.Bench.
Theatre.Tower of the theatre building.Columns of quite a totalitarian look.Flowers.
Athlet girl statue.Roses and a girl.The shower fountain.When the guys from our company sang songs from the cartoons on guitar, a small group of Africans came up to us with their children, immediately starting to dance.
Very musical people.
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