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[01.12.02] Iasi: national day of Romania
[27.11.02] Iasi: live illustrations
[26.11.02] Another Canada report by Mike: images
[17.11.02] Iasi: some ancient remains
[15.11.02] The Ciric lake in the night
  [10.11.02] Iasi: a walk through two churches
[09.11.02] Iasi: the "Eternitatea" cemetery
[30.10.02] The Brasov area trip, 6-9 September 2002
[30.10.02] Pascani, Romania: railway-station
[30.10.02] My lovely Homeland, the city of Kharkov
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Random photos
Kiev: Pirogovo ethnographical museum :: Picture #21
Kiev-Berlin flight: Skysages :: Picture #20
Kherson region, Ukraine: Askania Nova natural park :: Picture #31

A view from the site. It was rather dark so had to set exposure to 15 seconds or so. Colors came out surprisingly lightMoved the camera a bitAnother side-viewRound moves :)
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Some other camera movementsTree, lake and the city behind themThe recreation area in the darknessThe recreation area: decided to make it lighter, and set ISO to 400
Up and downWater and small houses like hivesCut out piece of the previous photo with the hive-like housesPicture #12
Picture #13
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Picture #14
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Picture #15Picture #16
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