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[29.09.05] Kiev: life of the capital
[29.09.05] Kiev: night shots and panoramas
[29.09.05] Kiev: Pirogovo ethnographical museum
[21.09.05] Jüterbog: karting
[05.09.05] Berlin: Humboldthain park
  [05.09.05] Berlin: Lichtenberg park
[30.08.05] Berlin: War Memorial in Treptower Park
[30.08.05] Berlin: biking around
[30.08.05] Berlin: hippie city, as seen from the bike
[24.08.05] Berlin: random summer stuff
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Random photos
Berlin: boating the Spree river :: Berlin Cathedral. On the left there is the Palast der Republik, where the former GDR government used to work. Nowdays a desolated building.
Egypt: desert road, Red Sea mountains :: Picture #29
Kharkov: hospital 19, clinical laboratory :: Children hospital N19, Kharkov. Clinical laboratory. My grandma spent almost 30 years working here, just until she retired in the age of 76. In the childhood they often used to bring me here. I played around with retorts, test-tubes and looked at the pool water through the professional microscopes. Nothing changes till then. There is no new equipment and everything is done the same old way, just like before.

The Humboldthain park at the Gesundbrunnen subway station is special, because there is a former Hitler's bunker inside it, and also a rose garden. Though not only roses are there. There are other flowers as well, just like the bush you can see on this one.Red rose.Picture #3White rose.
Rose roses this time.Picture #6Picture #7Picture #8
Picture #9Picture #10Picture #11Picture #12
This one is about flowers and old age.
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Picture #14Picture #15Picture #16
Picture #17Picture #18Picture #19Picture #20
Picture #21Picture #22Picture #23
rating: excellent [3]
Statue in the rose garden.
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