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[10.10.05] San Francisco: Coit tower
[10.10.05] San Francisco: 2nd visit
[06.10.05] California: funny stuff
[04.10.05] San Francisco: Market Street
[04.10.05] San Francisco: Lombard Street
  [04.10.05] San Francisco: Pacific Ocean Shore
[04.10.05] San Francisco: Saturday walk
[04.10.05] Palo Alto, California: Stanford university home
[04.10.05] USA, California: Redwood City sights
[04.10.05] USA: travel and first impressions
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Random photos
Berlin: Belarus elections party at Brotfabrik :: A German guy who spoke very well Russian. He asked me who is "Bat'ka". He saw the word on the screen, but had no idea who that is. Actually, it's Lukashenko's nickname, which means "father" in Belorussian.
Kiev: night shots and panoramas :: Picture #5
Egypt: desert and its habitants :: Bedouin huts.

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