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[25.10.05] Pennsylvania, Intercourse: Amish country
[25.10.05] New Jersey: Verona park
[25.10.05] New York: Manhattan skyline, daytime
[25.10.05] New York: Manhattan, Chinatown
[25.10.05] New York: Brooklyn, college, bridge, etc
  [25.10.05] New York: Brooklyn, Borough park
[21.10.05] New York: the Met, medieval armors
[21.10.05] New York: the Met, entrance and Egypt section
[21.10.05] New York: Brooklyn, Brighton beach
[21.10.05] New York: Manhattan, ground zero
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Berlin: hippie city, as seen from the bike :: Inscription above the ad of the FRICK shop on the wall says: eid bereit, immer bereit gegen die Aggression der USA (Be ready! Always ready, against the agression of the USA)
Thailand: millitary Bangkok :: Picture #3
Barcelona: sea-side :: Stone chairs.

Brooklyn college tower.Picture #2Picture #3Martin Luther statue on the Brooklyn college campus.
Picture #5Picture #6Toys R US.Picture #8
Bicycle.Picture #10Typical Brooklyn houses.Take a look at the Rep Truck: GW rules, Libs suck.
School.Sex and the city. Get it 5 nights a week!Picture #15Picture #16
Picture #17Picture #18Picture #19
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Picture #20
Picture #21Picture #22Picture #23
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