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[09.11.05] Copenhagen: birds in Christianshavn's park
[09.11.05] Copenhagen: Christianshavn district
[09.11.05] Copenhagen: the Danish capital
[25.10.05] Pennsylvania, Intercourse: Amish country
[25.10.05] New Jersey: Verona park
  [25.10.05] New York: Manhattan skyline, daytime
[25.10.05] New York: Manhattan, Chinatown
[25.10.05] New York: Brooklyn, college, bridge, etc
[25.10.05] New York: Brooklyn, Borough park
[21.10.05] New York: the Met, medieval armors
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Ukraine: Korobov Hutor recreational area near Kharkov :: Picture #7
Istanbul: modern city and ancient Constantinople :: Picture #9
Kharkov school N30: new school year-2010 :: Picture #5

Quiet town of Verona in New Jersy. It has a nice part with a lake, called Verona-park. Judging from the way it looks like, the locals must be really fond of it.Picture #2
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Picture #3Do not feed waterfowl.
Picture #5Picture #6Dog waste.. It's the law. Law of nature, I would say.Squirrel.
Picture #9No fishing or feeding birds off dock. Phishing, huh? :)No dogs permitted on deck.Help keep our waterways clean. Do not litter.
In memory of Marvin Mantin who loved this park.In loving memory of Raymond Paxton Sr., who loved this park and its people.Dog waste again.In memory of rabbi Oscar Kline, who loved this park - the small family.
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Picture #17Picture #18Happiness is an empty park bench. Calvin Touw.Picture #20
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