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[09.11.05] Copenhagen: Danemarks Akvarium
[09.11.05] Copenhagen: Harbor area
[09.11.05] Copenhagen: Fredericks church
[09.11.05] Copenhagen: Changing guards at Amalienborg Palace
[09.11.05] Copenhagen: Kongens Nytorv and Nyhavn
  [09.11.05] Copenhagen: free town of Christiania
[09.11.05] Copenhagen: birds in Christianshavn's park
[09.11.05] Copenhagen: Christianshavn district
[09.11.05] Copenhagen: the Danish capital
[25.10.05] Pennsylvania, Intercourse: Amish country
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A sitting statue near the Opera.Simon Strange.Opera house.One-way.
Nyhavn's canal.Picture #6A guy on the mast.Another mermaid, with quite a serious breast size.
Picture #9Houses along the canal.Picture #11Picture #12
Picture #13Toilet.Picture #15Picture #16
Picture #17Picture #18Picture #19Picture #20
Picture #21
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