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[19.12.05] Barcelona: La Boqueria market
[19.12.05] Barcelona: streets and people
[18.12.05] Barcelona: sea-side
[29.11.05] Berlin: LOXX Miniatur Welten
[14.11.05] Berlin: German-Russian Museum Karlshorst
  [09.11.05] Malmö: the Turning Torso tower
[09.11.05] Malmö, Sweden: Gawking around
[09.11.05] Copenhagen: Danemarks Akvarium
[09.11.05] Copenhagen: Harbor area
[09.11.05] Copenhagen: Fredericks church
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Random photos
Hamburg: people :: Picture #2
Baia Mare: April snow :: April the 7th, in the morning. Quite a spring-like view, huh?
Berlin: 2005 celebration :: Atmost Hairy Christmas :)

A school on the way to the museum reminds of a typical Soviet school in my childhood.Picture #2This banner says there are very attractive appartments for sale in this building.Attractive.
Entrance to the museum.Museum's home is the building where capitulation was signed.A news-paprer of Russian emmigrants in Germany in the beginning of XX century.Open letter of Russian people.
Russian restaurant.15 Jahre Sowiet Union.Die Ukraine: Land u. Volk.Der Bolschewismus: Nieder! Nieder!
Der Untermensch.Europa und der Osten.
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Judendiktatur?Der ewige Jude.
Bobrujsk.Millitary maps.Helmet and a pocket phrase-book.German millitary uniform.
rating: almost good [8]
Reichs-Grenze.Cannon.Soviet and German medals.Jackets.
Soldier clothing.Hitler eliberator.
rating: excellent [5]
"Destroy Stalin's bandits" and "that's why Germany is going to win".
rating: not bad [3]
Zwanzig Karbowanez.
Amtsblatt.Bolshevism vs. New Europe.We're in Germany! For some reason, it reminds me the ad for the "Green-card" program for IT specialists :)
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