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[16.01.03] Addicted to Chisinau
[08.01.03] Another funny menu
[04.01.03] Iasi: Saturday's photo extract
[26.12.02] Iasi: the voivods monument
[16.12.02] Iasi: frozen Ciric lake
  [01.12.02] Iasi: national day of Romania
[27.11.02] Iasi: live illustrations
[26.11.02] Another Canada report by Mike: images
[17.11.02] Iasi: some ancient remains
[15.11.02] The Ciric lake in the night
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Random photos
Istanbul: the Blue Mosque :: Picture #10
Zaporozhye: spontaneous street shots :: The "Intourist" hotel, where yours truly stayed for the second time while visiting the great city. Inside the hotel one can find European prices and the authentic Soviet colouring of the 80s, including a "Beryozka" TV-set, a "Dniepr" radio set and a single hair-drier on the whole floor available on request.
Donetsk region: on the road :: Picture #4

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