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[19.12.05] Barcelona: La Seu Cathedral
[19.12.05] Barcelona: Magic fountain
[19.12.05] Barcelona: La Boqueria market
[19.12.05] Barcelona: streets and people
[18.12.05] Barcelona: sea-side
  [29.11.05] Berlin: LOXX Miniatur Welten
[14.11.05] Berlin: German-Russian Museum Karlshorst
[09.11.05] Malmö: the Turning Torso tower
[09.11.05] Malmö, Sweden: Gawking around
[09.11.05] Copenhagen: Danemarks Akvarium
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Random photos
Aswan: Nubians on Elephantine island :: Picture #11
Various views of the city of Iasi :: The outside look of the block I used to live in between Sep 2001 and Sep 2002. Situated on the street called Splai Bahlui.
Brandenburg: wakeboarding in Velten :: Picture #4

Mediterranian sea-shore.Sea, buildings and a rusty monument.Picture #3House by the sea.
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Picture #5Sea front walkway.Stone chairs.SOS.
Picture #9Birds and an eating cat.Picture #11Picture #12
Picture #13Yachts in a bay.Yellow flags.Yachts.
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