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[25.01.06] Gran Canaria: after rain, mountains
[25.01.06] Gran Canaria: Las Palmitos park
[25.01.06] Gran Canaria: Maspalomas Dunes
[25.01.06] Gran Canaria: Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles
[27.12.05] Berlin: Egyptian and Antique museums
  [19.12.05] Barcelona: Montjuic park
[19.12.05] Barcelona: La Seu Cathedral
[19.12.05] Barcelona: Magic fountain
[19.12.05] Barcelona: La Boqueria market
[19.12.05] Barcelona: streets and people
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Random photos
Israel: ancient city of Jerusalem :: Picture #1
Travel shots: Reni, Odessa, Galati :: Galati. A funny installation, the lamp broke the most of it though. The point is that on the postament there is a dog too - the she-wolf, who brought up Romul and Rem. In front of the dog that is seen well here, there are benches that look just like bones :)
New York: Manhattan parks :: Picture #19

Entrance to Berlin's Altes museum.Statue next to the stairs.Female rider statue.Old Egyptian face.
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The infamous Nefertiti bust.
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Picture #6
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Picture #7
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Picture #8
Picture #9
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Funny old-Greek drinking vessel in the Antique section.Svastikas on this old Greek pottery.Man treated with care!
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Flying goat, piece of jewelry.
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Pretty huge nose.Binoculars?Piggy.
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