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[19.02.06] Berlin-Charlottenburg: streets, park, castle
[30.01.06] Senftenberg: Snowtropolis indoors ski
[25.01.06] Gran Canaria: after rain, mountains
[25.01.06] Gran Canaria: Las Palmitos park
[25.01.06] Gran Canaria: Maspalomas Dunes
  [25.01.06] Gran Canaria: Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles
[27.12.05] Berlin: Egyptian and Antique museums
[19.12.05] Barcelona: Montjuic park
[19.12.05] Barcelona: La Seu Cathedral
[19.12.05] Barcelona: Magic fountain
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Random photos
Georgian military road: Darial Gorge :: Picture #2
Manhattan: snow-covered Central Park :: Picture #1
Bucharest: unplugged :: Cloudy weather, view through a misted over glass.

Dunes in frame. A view through a "window" in a summer caffee on the embankment.Closer to the water there is a beach with the same West-European retirees walking up and down.Touristique.Hotel behind the dunes.
Picture #9Words made with stones on the slope. Unreadable.Here volleyball used to be played.Net.
Volleyball-players?Dunes.Crater made of stones.Behind the dunes: road, verdure and mountains.
Lake in the "Dunas Maspalomas" natural reservation. It's a place where only animals leave and where people are not allowed.Umbrellas.Southern wind.Dunes and bushes.
Cloudy day in the dunes.Walkers in the sand.Playa del Ingles behind the dunes.The beach is stratched all along the dunes. Looking the San Augustin direction.
Beach and walking people.Beach. Cloudy.In the end of the beach along the dunes there is the Maspalomas lighthouse.Life-guard.
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