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[20.03.06] Berlin: Belarus elections party at Brotfabrik
[20.03.06] Berlin: Iva Nova in Supamolly club
[27.02.06] Zakopane, Poland: nature
[26.02.06] Zakopane, Poland: ski
[26.02.06] Zakopane, Poland: town views
  [19.02.06] Berlin-Charlottenburg: streets, park, castle
[30.01.06] Senftenberg: Snowtropolis indoors ski
[25.01.06] Gran Canaria: after rain, mountains
[25.01.06] Gran Canaria: Las Palmitos park
[25.01.06] Gran Canaria: Maspalomas Dunes
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Random photos
Another funny menu :: Picture #2
Chisinau, Moldova, 29-30 June 2002 :: Chisinau is a city of contrasts. Here is a new big flashy store, mall named "Sun city", a piece of the view from parking
Several unclassified photos of my mug :: Please don't be afraid. It's just a photo from one of my documents

Typical example of the region's wooden architecture.Picture #2Intersection.Rooms/Zimmer.
Monument of Zamoysky, founder of the touristic business in Zakopane.Zamoysky and the beginning of the town's main street - Krupowki.ul. Krupowki.Telepizza and fine arts.
Here one can get a photo with a bear.Street lamp.Ul. Krupowki. There is a church behind the buildings.Punnet-seller.
Cab-driver.Pan (Mister) Witek, singing pirate songs.Pan Witek, inspired.Church.
Statue in front of the church.Picture #18Picture #19Florida.
Anti-vampire set in the interior design of one of the local restaurants.Old things.
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