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[27.01.03] Iasi: unity day of Romania
[27.01.03] Iasi: the Jewish cemetery
[16.01.03] Addicted to Chisinau
[08.01.03] Another funny menu
[04.01.03] Iasi: Saturday's photo extract
  [26.12.02] Iasi: the voivods monument
[16.12.02] Iasi: frozen Ciric lake
[01.12.02] Iasi: national day of Romania
[27.11.02] Iasi: live illustrations
[26.11.02] Another Canada report by Mike: images
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Random photos
Thailand: Bangkok markets, Patpong and Damnoen Saduak :: Boat and a stand at the water.
Chisinau, Moldova, 29-30 June 2002 :: A cosy beer cafe near the theatre of opera we visited this time
Rathen: views over the Elbe :: Picture #17

Billiards smoke.A billiards ball.Phantom of billiards.A dog.
A tree in the night.An interesting vehicle in the botanical garden in Iasi.Iasi botanical garden: stones.Iasi botanical garden: stones.
Iasi botanical garden: a strange door.Iasi botanical garden: a monumen near a place with roses.Iasi botanical garden: roses.Iasi botanical garden: roses.
Iasi botanical garden: roses.Iasi botanical garden: sunset.A big pizza.Nice abbreviation. It's supposed to be "Stefan cel mare si sfant", which is translated as "Stefan the great and saint" from Romanian, but the name got abbreviated to "Stf." Looked funny to me.
Drawing night lights.Iasi: The Mall decorated for the Christmas.Iasi: The Mall decorated for the Christmas.Street lamps.
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A view on the hills near the city of Iasi.An ancient wall near the palace.Ravens on a tree near a church.An old Armenian church.
An intersection under the Stairs.Cloudy sky and a sunset.Cloudy sky and a sunset.Before a storm.
A landscape view from the Copou hill on the Pacurari district of Iasi.Beer. To you, my dears!First snowfall this winter.Autumn leaves.
A rainbow.A rainbow, another view.A building on one of the central streets of Iasi.Konst on the first morning of 2003.
A nice banner. It says "Life-Ind", but looks very similar to "Life-End". The place where the live finishes.
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My friend Gustavo and his books.A frozen street in the night.A frozen street in the night.
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