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[17.04.06] Rotterdam: Erasmus bridge, Rhine
[17.04.06] Netherlands: diverse
[12.04.06] Berlin: Deutscher Bundestag
[10.04.06] Kharkov: people
[10.04.06] Kharkov: old yards
  [10.04.06] Kharkov: artistic studios
[10.04.06] Kharkov: city views
[05.04.06] Kiev-Obolon: door-yard characters
[22.03.06] Konst: new appartment, assembing a sofa
[20.03.06] Berlin: Belarus elections party at Brotfabrik
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Random photos
Carpathians: highlands :: Here we arrived to the place called Babele (old women). Here it's possible to find big stones of strange form which are said to appear naturally, even though they look like man-made.
New York: Manhattan skyline at night :: Picture #1
Georgian military road: North Osetia and Cross pass :: Picture #4

This yard has quite a special meaning for me. It belongs to the hospital 13, whose maternity department brought me into this life. I assume, through this very gate my grandpa took me home on his "Moskvitch" car.
rating: more than good [6]
Lawyers 24/7. No toilet.Picture #3
rating: excellent [3]
Picture #4
Balconies.Windows.Picture #7Hero's star.
Picture #9Samerovsky pereulok 3.
rating: good [3]
Gipsy house.
rating: good [3]
Kravtsova pereulok, doing down to Klochkovskaya str.
rating: excellent [3]
A yeard in Samerovsky pereulok.
rating: almost excellent [4]
rating: good [3]
Water-pump. For some reason, the drops of water coming out of it are associated with a venerical disease.
Don't piss and shit under the barn" this inscription says.
rating: almost excellent [4]
Picture #18"Piss there"A yeard near a 5-floor living block somewhere between Zernovaya and Odesskaya streets. There is a very brutally looking tash-collector and a declaration of love written on it.
rating: almost excellent [8]
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