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[18.04.06] Germany: Erpel, Rhine vale
[17.04.06] Rotterdam: Euromast tower
[17.04.06] Rotterdam: Erasmus bridge, Rhine
[17.04.06] Netherlands: diverse
[12.04.06] Berlin: Deutscher Bundestag
  [10.04.06] Kharkov: people
[10.04.06] Kharkov: old yards
[10.04.06] Kharkov: artistic studios
[10.04.06] Kharkov: city views
[05.04.06] Kiev-Obolon: door-yard characters
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Random photos
New Jersey: random stuff :: Picture #4
Crimea: nature, beaches and the sea :: Cutter in the sea. View from a mountain slope.
Berlin: latecoming spring :: There is a Cola can on the top of the monument. I wonder who put it there.

A trip into the depths of the German parliament, where the deputees work, took place due to our Belarussian friend Lena. She is on practical work at Bundestag. Here, in a passage of the of one Bungdestag's buildings called Jackob-Kaiser-Haus, you can see Lena in her white jacket.There are many artistic installations in the passages. Here, for example, there is a bar fixed above the passage. Its functional purpose is though unclear.A passage in Reichstag - the main building, where the sessions room is.Stairs.
Painting on the wall.On the walls of this room, there are inscriptions left by the Soviet soldiers right after the victory over nazismus in 1945.Glory to you, Soviet Fatherland.Soldiers' family names.
Naryshkin, Kozubov, Medvedev (family names).Names of cities: Kharkov, Odessa."In the day of victory over fascismus we're sending regards to all the soldiers of the valourous Red Army" and "Here was a Belorussian Vankevich".Gomel'.
Caucasus.Installation of stone plates near Jackob-Kaiser-Haus.Rusty metal pipes. Behind them there are walls of glass with the German Main Law (Grundgesaetz), defining the fundamental rights of the citizens.One more piece of the modern art. In the main building - Reichstag.
A full of sense painting in the lobby next to the session room. There is fire and a backbone on it. The fire sybmolizes setting fire on the Parliament by the Nazis, which meant breaking the backbond of the German democracy.Praying room. A woman is giving a lecture for a group of Polish tourists.Interior of the praying room. I know well that Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross, but I really doubt there were SO many nails.Boxes with information about each deputee who has ever been elected to the German Parliament.
Bulbs in the room where the boxes are.Underground passage between the buildings of Jackob-Kaiser-Haus and the Reichstag. It's equipped with a moving track.From here, standing on the track, one can see a fragment of the old underground tunnel used before. A piece of the old narrow corridor is exhibited here.Lena, looking into the old corridor.
Underground passage between the Reichstag and the next building behind the river, called Paul-Loebe-Haus.In the elevator.Elevator.View from the window in the lobby. There is big German flag at the Reichstag's entrance and a long tail of tourists. On the background there are rollers putting asphalt on the field in front of the building.
A group of pupils near the sessions room.Seats in the sessions room. They say there is a parent for the color of these chairs, thus the color cannot be used by anyone else.There is a strange thing right under the room's ceiling. Looks like a space energy concentrator. Its sharp end is directed to the tribune, so we can assume it would strike anyone who lies standing there.This floor over the sessions room hosts information stands of different fractions. This one belongs to FDP.
There are portraits of SPD party previous leaders in this room.Olya wanted a pic next to the info stand of the party whose views she shares.Workers are cleaning letters of a big inscription of the floor of Paul-Loebe-Haus.Window-cleaners in Paul-Loebe-Haus.
Paul-Loebe-Haus, two women talking.Two ladies.Bridge over the Spree river binding Paul-Loebe-Haus with Marie-Elisabeth-Lueders-Haus.
rating: excellent [4]
View from the bridge over Spree. There is Paul-Loebe-Haus on the left and Marie-Elisabeth-Lueders-Haus on the right. A bit further there are Jackob-Kaiser-Haus and the Reichstag.
The Reichstag and Paul-Loebe-Haus.Berlin wall and its victims count for each year of its existence. Marie-Elisabeth-Lueders-Haus.Window-cleaner.A big football ball on the Spree embankment.
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