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[18.04.06] Geneva: people
[18.04.06] Switzerland: Geneva
[18.04.06] Germany: Linz on Rhine
[18.04.06] Germany: Erpel, Rhine vale
[17.04.06] Rotterdam: Euromast tower
  [17.04.06] Rotterdam: Erasmus bridge, Rhine
[17.04.06] Netherlands: diverse
[12.04.06] Berlin: Deutscher Bundestag
[10.04.06] Kharkov: people
[10.04.06] Kharkov: old yards
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Random photos
Crimea: Balaklava, port, ancient stronghold :: Genoese stronghold on a mountain slope.
Sinaia: the Peles castle :: A cannon next to an entrance to of the budildings on the reservation territory.
Prague: summer in Czech capital :: Picture #5

The Euromast was built in 1958-60. Designed by H.A. Maaskant, initially it was 101 meter heigh and was the tallest construction in Rotterdam. After higher buildings were erected in the city, it lose this title. That's why a 85 meter extension called Space Tower was added to its construction.Panoramic platform called Crow's nest.Picture #3Shadow of the tower. Erasmusbrug can be seen a bit further.
Space Tower, a 85 meter tall extension to the tower. A rotating cabin goes up and down along it.
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The cabin from inside.A windows in the cabin's floor. There is a road with small cars below. It's very heigh and the cabin feels loose.View over the Erasmus-bridge.
Picture #9Picture #10Barge on the Rhine.Drawbridge. Canals in Holland can be found anywhere, even in the open country.
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