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[23.04.06] Germany: Frankfurt am Main
[18.04.06] Geneva: people
[18.04.06] Switzerland: Geneva
[18.04.06] Germany: Linz on Rhine
[18.04.06] Germany: Erpel, Rhine vale
  [17.04.06] Rotterdam: Euromast tower
[17.04.06] Rotterdam: Erasmus bridge, Rhine
[17.04.06] Netherlands: diverse
[12.04.06] Berlin: Deutscher Bundestag
[10.04.06] Kharkov: people
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Random photos
Cabarete: political rally :: Picture #9
Leipzig: wave-gotik-treffen people :: Picture #27
Berlin: Humboldthain park :: Picture #17

Quite typical for the West German province houses.Street.Trees along the river.Benches. Behind them there is a berth.
Rhine.Picture #6Cross on the hill.Picture #8
Memorable stone, given to the Homeland by a local citizen as a present.Remains of the bridge, which was bombed by the Americans during the WW2. There are two flags installed on the top of the construction.River receding into the distance.Picture #12
Picture #13Picture #14Picture #15Rhine, a barge and a castle on the hill. There are many castles in Germany. As one drives further, many of them can be seen all around.
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