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[24.04.06] Frankfurt am Main: people
[23.04.06] Germany: Frankfurt am Main
[18.04.06] Geneva: people
[18.04.06] Switzerland: Geneva
[18.04.06] Germany: Linz on Rhine
  [18.04.06] Germany: Erpel, Rhine vale
[17.04.06] Rotterdam: Euromast tower
[17.04.06] Rotterdam: Erasmus bridge, Rhine
[17.04.06] Netherlands: diverse
[12.04.06] Berlin: Deutscher Bundestag
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Vacation: the Baia Mare-Kharkov travel :: Here you can see what it was indeed. Trashcan, car reparations ad, and the shop itself.
short Transylvanian trip: Baia Mare and Dej :: A view on houses and mountains in Baia Mare.
Thailand: Andaman sea in Krabi :: Picture #12

Linz is an old town on the Rhine's river-side. It belongs to the Neuwied county.Rhine flooded.Old town's gates and a crucifixion.Next to the crucifixion there are plates with indications of the levels, where the water rached during the past floods.
Gate.Here they also have similar plates, telling about the floods that took place in the area.Street.Picture #8
Picture #9Central square of the old town with a virgin Mary's monument.Fountain with human figures.Statue of a man with glasses in the fountain.
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Picture #13
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Picture #14
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