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[01.05.06] Berlin: 1st May, Labour Day
[24.04.06] Frankfurt am Main: Russian BBQ party
[24.04.06] Frankfurt am Main: people
[23.04.06] Germany: Frankfurt am Main
[18.04.06] Geneva: people
  [18.04.06] Switzerland: Geneva
[18.04.06] Germany: Linz on Rhine
[18.04.06] Germany: Erpel, Rhine vale
[17.04.06] Rotterdam: Euromast tower
[17.04.06] Rotterdam: Erasmus bridge, Rhine
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Random photos
Havana: Colon cemetery :: Picture #3
Addicted to Chisinau :: Picture #7
Iasi: national day of Romania :: Fountain.

An elderly Swiss couple crossing the street.Muslim father and a son. We were really surprised there were some many people from the Middle East in Geneva.Tourists and the Flower-clock.
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Asian girl.
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Fiddler. Sounds of his instrument were like someone beating a spoon against a copper basin. But who really needs any technique nowadays? They gave him money anyway, so why play better?Disco.
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An African guy on the embankment.
Sunbathers.Women.Picture #11Picture #12
Picture #13Picture #14Picture #15Picture #16
Picture #17Picture #18Picture #19
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