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[28.05.06] Berlin-Tempelhof: Red Bull Air Race
[22.05.06] Berlin: Sunday
[20.05.06] Berlin: random collection
[10.05.06] Berlin: Treptower park, the Victory day
[01.05.06] Berlin: 1st May, Labour Day
  [24.04.06] Frankfurt am Main: Russian BBQ party
[24.04.06] Frankfurt am Main: people
[23.04.06] Germany: Frankfurt am Main
[18.04.06] Geneva: people
[18.04.06] Switzerland: Geneva
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Random photos
Berlin: stupid live8 (live ate) :: The concert was for free, but they were collecting votes claiming that the G8 countries forgive the debts of the African countries. We all know that the nice dictator guys there are putting the money in their pockets anyway, so they would really appreciate that move of G8. Besides that, the musicians involved made a good ad for themselves, so everyone was happy, expect for those starving in Africa, who again didn't get neither bread nor circuses. It looked like the circuses were only for those children who ate well.
Berlin: Teufelsberg's abandoned radar :: Picture #1
Crimea: autumn by the water :: Picture #13

Left-wing youth meeting in Kreuzberg. Kreuzberg is a borough in Berlin with mostly Turkish population. On the banners there are slogans in German as well as in Turkish.The meeting is watched by the guys from the Anti-konflikt team of the police.Youngsters with red flags.Camera-man.
Kotbusser Tor.A man in the crowd on MyFest in Kreuzberg.A Turkish mother with children looking at the festivities from the window.Kreuzberg ladies.
Mohawk.In the crowd.A street in Kreuzberg: GDF flag on the balcony.Punk.
Children on the statue.German lady with a phone.Girl with ribbons.Young people in the park.
Topless.Mauerpark: guitar-players.A young photographer in Mauerpark.Stairs.
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Down the stairs.Konst with a monitor frame.Ewa.We've found a similarity and took a picture.
A fast-food place. Hidden in the depths of Mauerpark, it's on the bridge over the former checkpoint between the two Berlins.Graffiti and a washing machine with the Antifa emblem.Monitor.For the communism.
Balloon.Die Welt news-paper advertisment.Car next to the Brandenburg Gate. The plate next to it says "Germany, land of ideas".Giant automobile.
Berlin bear.
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