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[07.06.06] Kharkov: hospital 19, clinical laboratory
[07.06.06] Kharkov: BBQ party
[28.05.06] Berlin-Tempelhof: Red Bull Air Race
[22.05.06] Berlin: Sunday
[20.05.06] Berlin: random collection
  [10.05.06] Berlin: Treptower park, the Victory day
[01.05.06] Berlin: 1st May, Labour Day
[24.04.06] Frankfurt am Main: Russian BBQ party
[24.04.06] Frankfurt am Main: people
[23.04.06] Germany: Frankfurt am Main
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Random photos
Dublin: people :: Picture #18
Baia Mare: streets and nature :: The "Mara" hotel in the night.
Kiev: winter and party of regions demo :: Picture #18

Spring. View over the TV tower on Alexanderplatz from my balcony.Same tower, cloudy. The top cannot be seen because of the clouds.In the night.With the occasion of the world cup the sphere of the TV-tower was painted like a football ball. The strange violet colour is the corporate symbol of Deutsche Telekom, the main sponsour.
Evening, roofs and a church.Windows.Bernauer strasse in early spring.Same Bernauer strasse, almost in summer.
Legacy from the life without refrigirator.Enjoy the meal."Mercedes" office on Potsdamer platz.The old GDR theatre Volksbuehne.
Bus stop.Picture #14Tourist with a camera in Sony Center.East Europe.
Photographer.Information terminals as humans with umbrellas.Inside there is a movie about how Potsdamer platz was built.Witch at the bar in a bowling-club in Falkensee.
At the bar. Konst and a lady.
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