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[15.06.06] Ukraine: people and roads
[14.06.06] Berdyansk, Ukraine: Azov sea, beach
[14.06.06] Berdyansk, Ukraine: town views
[07.06.06] Kharkov: hospital 19, clinical laboratory
[07.06.06] Kharkov: BBQ party
  [28.05.06] Berlin-Tempelhof: Red Bull Air Race
[22.05.06] Berlin: Sunday
[20.05.06] Berlin: random collection
[10.05.06] Berlin: Treptower park, the Victory day
[01.05.06] Berlin: 1st May, Labour Day
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Random photos
Frankfurt am Main: people :: A man with a news-paper on the old square.
Oradea: city, Baile Felix, 1 Mai :: Church's interior.
Lviv: inscriptions :: Fences and walls in Lviv allow all kinds of people to express their opinions. Here we can see an opposite point of view which consists in the fact that the ultra-right from UNSO are homosexuals.

Blocks of the Alexeevka district and the green trees of the gardens.Garden barrels.Vine.
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Konst in the role of an evil guy with an axe.
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Marianna.Mihail with BBQ.Vampiress Marianna.
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1 comment(s)
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Picture #10Every time we go to the gardens for a picnic, a homeless dog comes and begs for food. And we feed it.
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