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[18.06.06] Berlin: Brasil victory at the Fan mile
[18.06.06] Berlin: World Cup and stuff
[16.06.06] Potsdam: Ukrainian fan-city, Okean Elzy
[15.06.06] Ukraine: people and roads
[14.06.06] Berdyansk, Ukraine: Azov sea, beach
  [14.06.06] Berdyansk, Ukraine: town views
[07.06.06] Kharkov: hospital 19, clinical laboratory
[07.06.06] Kharkov: BBQ party
[28.05.06] Berlin-Tempelhof: Red Bull Air Race
[22.05.06] Berlin: Sunday
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Random photos
Chemnitz: the former Karl-Marx-Stadt :: Picture #17
Greece: port town of Piraeus :: Picture #4
Euro 2012: fan-zones of Kharkov and Kiev :: Picture #4

Evening. A boat on the shore of the Berdyansk spit.
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Evening wash.
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Flowers.Flora next to the sea.
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Almost the Easter island.Storm at the sea in the rainy weather.
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Storm and a tree.
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The next day, as the weather got much better, many people went out to the beach.
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Beach. People.
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Beach spirit.
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A short glance backwards.
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Throwing matress on the water.
A sea-side cafe.Mutt bringing a stick.Good dog.Learning to swim.
Konst on a water motorcycle. Cool thing.
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This girl looks somewhat similar to one of the two T.A.T.U. band members.
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Just like the Hollywood.
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Picture #21
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Picture #22
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Picture #23
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Riding a guy.
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