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[01.07.06] Hamburg: Free and Hanseatic city
[27.06.06] Cologne: Ukraine vs Switzerland game
[27.06.06] Cologne: the Kölner Dom cathedral
[27.06.06] Cologne: city and people
[24.06.06] Berlin: Ukraine vs Tunis at Olympiastadion
  [19.06.06] Berlin: Ukraine-Saudi Arabia at the Fan mile
[18.06.06] Berlin: Brasil victory at the Fan mile
[18.06.06] Berlin: World Cup and stuff
[16.06.06] Potsdam: Ukrainian fan-city, Okean Elzy
[15.06.06] Ukraine: people and roads
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Random photos
Berlin: boating the Spree river :: Picture #55
Kiev: Pirogovo ethnographical museum :: Picture #8
Carpathians: highlands :: 2000 meters height. That's where Antarctic begins.

Intellectuals don't get the football joy.A fan with the Tunisia flag at the Central railway-station.
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Ukrainian fans on the Fan Mile on the 17 June street.Picture #4
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Girl and a photographer with a forelock.Olympiastadion.Tunisian female fan.
2 tickets needed.A Tunisian fan has just passed the tickets control.Olympiastadion is the Germany's biggest stadion, with the capacity of 78,000 people. It was built for the 1936 summer Olypmic games.Picture #12
The game begins. Logo of the championship in the middle.Picture #14Picture #15Picture #16
Monitor above the field.Ukrainian stands.Wave.Picture #20
Guys with blue and yellow-painted faces.Fan.Cylinder.Accidentally got between Ukrainian fans Tunisian guy.
Cossack.Catched on flag.Picture #27A guy with blue ear.
Picture #29Picture #30Picture #31Picture #32
Shevchenko's falling, led to a penalty.Shevchenko shoots the penalty.Goal.Ukraine-Tunis 1:0.
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Picture #41Picture #42Picture #43Picture #44
Picture #45Picture #46Picture #47
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Picture #48
Picture #49
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