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[27.07.06] Rome: people
[27.07.06] Rome: the Italian capital
[27.07.06] Berlin: Christopher street day'2006
[17.07.06] Warnemünde: Baltic sea beach
[17.07.06] Warnemünde: Baltic sea port and ships
  [17.07.06] Berlin: Love Parade
[10.07.06] Berlin: Plötzensee lake, beach
[01.07.06] Hamburg: Ukraine vs Italy game
[01.07.06] Hamburg: views from Nikolaikirche
[01.07.06] Hamburg: people
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Random photos
New York: Manhattan, part 3 :: Picture #18
Iasi-Chisinau: partying people :: Mihail.
Rotterdam: Erasmus bridge, Rhine :: Plate with the name of the bridge. It's called so in memory of Erasmus, one of the most outstanding enlighters and humanists. Together with Reichlin they were called "the two eyes of Germany". Erasmus was born in Rotterdam.

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