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[07.08.06] Spain, Andalusia: N-340 highway to Nerja
[06.08.06] Spain, Andalusia: Mijas town and mountains
[06.08.06] Spain: Crocodile park in Torremolinos
[06.08.06] Spain: Costa del Sol, Benalmadena
[05.08.06] Italy: Latium region, Frascati
  [05.08.06] Vatican City State: enclave in Rome
[04.08.06] Rome: side-streets
[27.07.06] Rome: Ancient monuments
[27.07.06] Rome: people
[27.07.06] Rome: the Italian capital
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Random photos
Various views of my appartment :: Picture #1
Iasi: Here you go, party animals! :: This picture shows myself having a usual evening at a public library reading wise books and gathering valuable knowledge. J/k, here besides of my mug you can see two pretty Albanian ladies. Long live the great Albania ;)
The Hague: Madurodam :: Picture #1

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