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[22.08.06] Moscow: Poklonnaya and Sparrow Hills
[21.08.06] Moscow: Chirst the Savior Cathedral and Moskva river
[21.08.06] Moscow, Russia: around Kremlin
[07.08.06] Granada: Alhambra, the red castle
[07.08.06] Granada: people
  [07.08.06] Granada: Andalusian capital
[07.08.06] Spain, Andalusia: Caves of Nerja
[07.08.06] Spain, Andalusia: N-340 highway to Nerja
[06.08.06] Spain, Andalusia: Mijas town and mountains
[06.08.06] Spain: Crocodile park in Torremolinos
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Random photos
Kiev: Pirogovo open-air museum :: Flowers near this house.
Chisinau: funny stuff :: "To get.. f**.. embarrassed forever", an advert on a wall of one of the builiding in the center of Chisinau
Brasov: a beautiful city :: A status near the Church.

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