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[23.08.06] Russia: historical town of Torzhok
[23.08.06] Russia: nature in Tver' region
[23.08.06] Russia: other villages, Tver' region
[22.08.06] Russia: village life in Tver' region
[22.08.06] Moscow: random shots
  [22.08.06] Moscow: people
[22.08.06] Moscow: Poklonnaya and Sparrow Hills
[21.08.06] Moscow: Chirst the Savior Cathedral and Moskva river
[21.08.06] Moscow, Russia: around Kremlin
[07.08.06] Granada: Alhambra, the red castle
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Random photos
Berlin: Belarus elections party at Brotfabrik :: Soljanka on the menu. The place is called Brotfabrik and situated in Prenzel'berg district of Berlin. Above the entrance it has a very totalitarily looking gear wheel. I made a joke by saying that a liberty celebration is impossible in such a place. However, the event was nice and surprizingly not very political. <a href="">Here</a> is Konst's full report about it in Russian.
Copenhagen: Changing guards at Amalienborg Palace :: Previous relief is gathering.
Sighisoara: burial places :: Graves.

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