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[15.09.06] Berlin: the Cathedral
[15.09.06] Berlin: city from the Daimler-Chrysler sky-scraper
[23.08.06] Russia: along the road, Kuvshinovo
[23.08.06] Russia: Ostashkov on lake Seliger
[23.08.06] Russia: historical town of Torzhok
  [23.08.06] Russia: nature in Tver' region
[23.08.06] Russia: other villages, Tver' region
[22.08.06] Russia: village life in Tver' region
[22.08.06] Moscow: random shots
[22.08.06] Moscow: people
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Random photos
Barcelona: views from Park Güell :: Picture #18
Czech Republic: way from Vienna to Berlin :: Picture #2
Berdyansk, Ukraine: town views :: Remains of the Berdyansk's industry. When I was shooting these buildings with my big camera, a worker from the nearby gas station came to me and said: "right, you should shoot all this for your news-paper". Well, we have no news-paper so far, but still there is the Internet.

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