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[16.11.06] Istanbul: the Blue Mosque
[16.11.06] Istanbul: panoramica
[15.11.06] Istanbul: modern city and ancient Constantinople
[26.10.06] Ukraine: school-mate's wedding in Poltava
[10.10.06] Kiev: Pirogovo open-air museum
  [10.10.06] Kiev: mix
[15.09.06] Berlin: the Cathedral
[15.09.06] Berlin: city from the Daimler-Chrysler sky-scraper
[23.08.06] Russia: along the road, Kuvshinovo
[23.08.06] Russia: Ostashkov on lake Seliger
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Entrance to Pirogovo, the open-air museum in a Kiev suburb, where traditional country-side buildings from different regions of Ukraine are exposed.
rating: excellent [5]
Dutchman and a windmill.
rating: almost good [4]
rating: excellent [4]
A house and a fence.
rating: almost excellent [8]
Flowers near this house.
rating: almost excellent [5]
Cart under roof.Well.
rating: excellent [3]
This Ukrainian girl is a visitor of the musem.
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rating: almost good [4]
Wooden church, XVIII century.
rating: excellent [3]
rating: almost excellent [7]
Old wooden bee-hives.
rating: excellent [4]
rating: more than good [6]
Autumn forest.Old house in the woods.
rating: good [3]
Administration is on your right.
rating: more than good [3]
Windmill in the sunset.
rating: excellent [5]
rating: excellent [3]
rating: almost excellent [7]
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