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[20.12.06] Lisbon: fado, the Portuguese music
[20.12.06] Lisbon: Alfama and historical tram
[20.12.06] Lisbon: São Vicente de Fora and Pantheon
[20.12.06] Lisbon: Baixa and Pr. Marques Pombal
[26.11.06] Berlin: Alexanderplatz on weekend
  [24.11.06] Berlin: Iva Nova in Kaffee Burger
[16.11.06] Istanbul: Topkapi palace
[16.11.06] Istanbul: the Blue Mosque
[16.11.06] Istanbul: panoramica
[15.11.06] Istanbul: modern city and ancient Constantinople
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Random photos
Minsk: Belorussian capital :: Picture #18
Brandenburg: on Helenesee lake :: Picture #25
Ukraine: Korobov Hutor recreational area near Kharkov :: Picture #8

Berlin TV-tower by night.
rating: excellent [4]
Morning sky above the East-downtown.
rating: almost excellent [4]
These guys are called By Heart band from Sweden. They chose a very original way of promoting themselves. They made the square in the East Berlin's downtown their stage.People buy CDs for 10 eur like crazy. During the 10 minutes I was standing and making pictures there, they sold at least 10 disks with their music.
Guitar player rocks.Picture #6Musician and audience.A fan on the left is dancing.
Audience.Picture #10Band's vocalist.Picture #12
Picture #13
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