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[07.04.03] Baia Mare: April snow
[31.03.03] Iasi: unplugged
[23.03.03] Baia Mare: misty night
[20.03.03] Baia Mare illustrations
[19.03.03] Mogosa ski station
  [22.02.03] Kharkov: funny stuff
[22.02.03] Kharkov: my First Capital
[05.02.03] short Transylvanian trip: Baia Mare and Dej
[27.01.03] Iasi: unity day of Romania
[27.01.03] Iasi: the Jewish cemetery
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Random photos
Russia: other villages, Tver' region :: Picture #26
Geneva: people :: Fiddler. Sounds of his instrument were like someone beating a spoon against a copper basin. But who really needs any technique nowadays? They gave him money anyway, so why play better?
Santa Clara: political murals :: Picture #8

Chair-like elevator in mountains.
rating: excellent [4]
Chair-like elevator in mountains. That's where it begins.Elevator going up.Skiing track, how it looks like from the elevator.
rating: excellent [4]
A like of frozen lake, shot from elevator.Elevator going up.Some winter flora.A guy skiing.
rating: excellent [3]
Another one.Beautiful view from the top of the mountain.
rating: almost excellent [4]
Extreme sports, a flying guy.Extreme sports in air.
Two guys looking at a flying guy.
rating: excellent [3]
Extreme sports. It must feel nice.
rating: excellent [3]
Extreme sports, a flying guy. A bit of the nice mountain view.Skiing people having rest.
Macro shot, a piece of a tree with needles.
rating: almost excellent [4]
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