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[22.02.07] Spain: Dali museum in Figueres
[22.02.07] Barcelona: rainy winter in the Gaudi-city
[19.02.07] Berlin: Grüne Woche 2007
[20.01.07] Thailand: Phuket and Similan islands
[20.01.07] Thailand: around the Krabi province
  [20.01.07] Thailand: Krabi province, Tiger Cave temple
[19.01.07] Thailand: Krabi town market
[19.01.07] Thailand: Krabi province, Ao Thalane
[19.01.07] Thailand: Andaman sea in Krabi
[19.01.07] Thailand: modern Bangkok, Silom district
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Portugal: oceanfront in Cascais :: Picture #6
Costa Brava: along the Mediterranean :: Picture #16
California: giant sequoias of Muir Woods :: Picture #5

Road and a typical motor-bike.Pavilion at the road and a rock.Thai villagers on a bike.Vegetation and a rock.
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Picture #5A gas-station in one of the Muslim villages.Gas-station woman and vessels, where the fuel is fist pumped up from the cask, and then poured into the vehicle's tank.Woman and gas vessels.
Little Thai in a truck.Picture #10Road.Rocks and plants.
A little more modern gas-station.Picture #14Picture #15Elephants.
Saddled elephant.Picture #18Elephant-driver, speaking on the mobile phone.Elephant being fed with bananas.
Konst tastes an exotic fruit called durian.Picture #22Nature photography.Konst, feeding the elephant.
Konst is a biker from hell.
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