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[12.06.07] Kharkov: river-side and hospital 19
[05.05.07] Netherlands: open-air museum in Arnhem
[05.05.07] Amsterdam: Queen's day and some other places
[05.05.07] Kharkov: short Easter trip
[15.04.07] Berlin: Zakhar May in Kaffee Burger
  [11.04.07] Kiev: President vs. Parliament political confrontation
[04.03.07] Zillertal: Gerlos and Horberg highlands
[04.03.07] Austria: Zillertal arena skiing area
[04.03.07] Austria: Zell am Ziller and alpine nature
[22.02.07] Spain: Dali museum in Figueres
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Random photos
Thailand: millitary Bangkok :: Picture #24
Vacation: the Kharkov-Sevastopol move :: Funny shop name. The first letter disappeared. Dzhankoy, Crimea. Scary town.
New York: Brooklyn, college, bridge, etc :: Picture #10

Zakhar May (born 1969, Kharkov) - musician, leader of the Shiva band, one of the pioneers of the Russian internet and creator of the website. Used to live in the US between 1988 and 2002. In 2002 came back to Russia where he continues his music career.Here you can download all Zakhar's music.Picture #3
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Picture #4
Picture #5Picture #6Picture #7Picture #8
Picture #9On the left there is Andrey Muratov aka Murzik, the organizer of the concert. He helped Zakhar May as a sound technician and keyboards player.Murzik.Picture #12
Picture #13Picture #14Picture #15Girl named Masha dancing to Zak's music.
Picture #17Picture #18Picture #19Picture #20
Picture #21Picture #22Picture #23Picture #24
Picture #25Picture #26Zakhar May and Konst.
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