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[05.05.03] Lviv: city views
[05.05.03] Mateszalka, Hungary
[07.04.03] Baia Mare: spring city views
[07.04.03] Baia Mare: April snow
[31.03.03] Iasi: unplugged
  [23.03.03] Baia Mare: misty night
[20.03.03] Baia Mare illustrations
[19.03.03] Mogosa ski station
[22.02.03] Kharkov: funny stuff
[22.02.03] Kharkov: my First Capital
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Random photos
Kharkov and surroundings: autumn :: Picture #25
Berlin: boating the Spree river :: Picture #24
Aswan: granite quarry, unfinished obelisk :: Picture #5

A nice ad I saw during the last summer in Iasi. It says "Again we haven't noticed how the timp went away".
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The Ciric lake in the evening.Cats near a hatch.A building from the railway station area.
A building from the railway station area. Another view.The "Romtelecom" office.A priest in front of the BCR bank.A big chimney-stalk.
Beer.The Iasi synagog.The Iasi synagog again.A building near the Targu Cucului district.
A building near the Targu Cucului district.A modernized dorm for students.
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One of the 40 churches from Iasi.A church and the Moon.
The inscription on this thing says there was a hotel named "Petersburg" before.An eagle from the Palatul Culturii palace in Iasi.The Stefan cel Mare momument in front of the palace.The Stefan cel Mare momument in front of the palace.
A currency exchange office. Doesn't its logo remind you something else? ;)A street picture somewhere in suburbs near the botanical garden.
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