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[18.07.07] France: town of Perpignan
[18.07.07] Costa Brava: along the Mediterranean
[11.07.07] Seville: the Guadalquivir river
[11.07.07] Spain: Cathedral in Seville
[11.07.07] Spain: streets of Sevilla
  [11.07.07] Spain: couple of Madrid pictures
[17.06.07] Berlin: death in Spree waters
[12.06.07] Kharkov: Stary Saltov recreational area
[12.06.07] Kharkov: river-side and hospital 19
[05.05.07] Netherlands: open-air museum in Arnhem
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Random photos
Berlin: 2005 celebration :: The whole evening starting at about 5pm Berlin sounded like Baghdad with the American troops on the offensive. Everywhere one could heard explosions of petards and fireworks. Impassioned Turkish boys on my steet fired flare pistols screaming out "scheisse". On the picture you can see how the street looked like when the cannonade was over.
Crimea: Massandra winery :: Picture #7
Mayrhofen: Zillertal arena :: Picture #18

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